Spring Wedding Trends for 2020

Whether you’re hoping to plan your wedding amongst April showers or May flowers, you’ll want to read up on 2020 spring wedding trends to get some creative inspiration for your special day. We’ve cultivated a list of some of our favourite spring wedding ideas and trends for Canadian couples celebrating their wedding in the blooming season. read more

Ways to Add Your Personality to Your Wedding

Your wedding should reflect your unique romance, so consider the following ways to add your personality to your special celebration. That way, you can always look back and recognize the little touches that marked the next stage in your love story.

Vintage Hotels’ brides are certainly not the one-size-fits-all type of event planners. They want highly customized visions that incorporate romance, sophistication and elegance. In order to achieve the ideal wedding – from ceremony through to reception – we’ve compiled a list of the most popular ways to personalize your wedding. read more