How to Create a Wedding Dessert Table Your Guests Will Love

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Create a Sweet Table All Your Guests Will Want to Take a Bite Out Of

With the right set-up of sweets, desserts can be tempting for both the eyes and the taste buds. We’ve all been at weddings where the cake hardly gets touched – whether it’s because a slice can be hard to manage during an upbeat affair or people are too afraid to ruin the centrepiece. A dessert table offers guests the variety they crave, and it creates an incredible masterpiece to behold – and the best part is, it’s fully edible. read more

Top Wedding Trends for 2018

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Nowadays, wedding guests hope for a lot more than just a fantastic looking venue. They want to be submerged in a unique love story that truly represents the newlyweds, and they definitely want to have a blast while celebrating the beginning of your life together.

In 2017 a few different themes emerged, and a lot of them focused on creating the best-possible experiences and memories for guests to take away from your wedding. Here are our predictions for the top wedding trends we will see in 2018: read more

Unique Wedding Dress Ideas for the Off-Beat Bride

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You found the perfect partner by refusing to compromise about who you are and what you want. So, when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, why would you settle for something cookie cutter that doesn’t quite “fit” your beautifully unique self? 

Here are some wedding dress ideas for brides who want to accentuate their individual style on their special day.   read more