Wedding Video: Yes or No?

Are wedding videos worth it?

With so many other things to prioritize why drop thousands of dollars on 20 minutes of footage that maybe you’ll drag out at the random anniversary.

It’s a good argument… HOWEVER; I adore Wedding Videos!  I absoltuely LOVE THEM …. the sounds and sights and emotions that come pouring out when I watch them have me jumping up and down saying YES WEDDING VIDEOS… YES!!!

Pause: Perhaps we all still remember those cheesy videos that were popular a few years ago… slideshow-style (yikes) with terrible music attached and smoke machine enhanced first dances!

But now… have you seen what some of these talented artists are doing? Some of them are even pairing up with photographers.  I love this because they share the same vision and work fantastically together  ~ really creating the Perfect Duo package!

I found this on-line today… from a website called Apartment #34 

Here are a few of their words describing the following feature:

This could never be called a video. It is a wedding film – and is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I had to watch twice. Even now, I want to watch it again and I don’t even know these people! {Have you watched it yet – trust me – press play!}

The team behind this jaw dropping work describe it as photo + cinema. I describe it as freakin’ brilliant.

Have I got your attention now? Are you thinking, hmmm… maybe I DO want to capture the moments of my wedding in this fashion?

If so, let me introduce you to a few options:

One of my personal FAVS!  Nataschia Wielink Photography.

Nataschia has paried up with one of the regions best and they are producing absolute MAGIC together!  nwp + cinematography

Here’s Nataschia’s take on this new collaberation:

Mike Enns has been shooting for over 10 years, he’s super creative and inspiring…and he’s a bit of a ‘gear head’-but we won’t hold that against him. he says words like stoked, sweet and legit… and he drinks about as much coffee as i do.

it was after working on several commercial projects with enns visuals this past year that we began chatting about what it would be like if NWP + cinematographer Mike Enns would partner together to film love stories- and so it begins…

i’m beyond excited to announce that NWP is now offering cinematography for your wedding…can you imagine?! your wedding love story as a motion picture!! *sigh*

stay just a little longer and enjoy this sample ‘save the date’ film Mike edited for David + Caissie- it will give you an idea of his style and how we work together!

And ….let me introduce you to Dave Tebbutt….

Recently I have been hearing this name a lot.  He has actually been pairing up with quite a few of  the fantastic photographers, that I like to stalk (yes, I am slightly obsessed with Wedding Blogs)  I couldnt help but be intrigued… who is this newcomer?

Then I had the fortune of watching his work… Dave was hired by one of our Amazing Couples who had booked their wedding at the Pillar and Post.  I could probably go on and on about this video and Dave’s talent but I will just let you form an opinion on your own.

Here are also a few workds from Dave:

My name is Dave Tebbutt. I currently live in Niagara on the Lake and I began to develop an interest in film-making during High School.Following High School, I enrolled in the One-year Media Arts programme at Humber College in Toronto. After graduating with honours, I was hired by Southridge Church in St. Catharines as an Intern in the Media Arts department.

In May of 2010, I filmed my first wedding as a gift to a friend. As a result, I began to receive many requests from other couples and was very blessed with booking 32 weddings in 2011. When I am shooting a wedding, I love to get candid shots of everyone having fun.  The best feeling is when you capture true love and happiness between the bride and groom when they first see each other.

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