Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Guestbook Alternatives Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Your loved ones are the most important aspect of your wedding, so give them a great guestbook alternative to record their special memories, notes or advice in. The guestbook is a great wedding tradition that allows guests to leave their mark and gives the bride and groom an incredible keepsake they will always treasure.

If you want to keep up this special tradition but break free from the bonds of a typical book format, why not try out one of the following suggestions for your wedding celebration?

Around the World, In a Wedding

While a globe may not be the easiest thing in the world (pun intended) to write on, giving guests the opportunity to mark out special destinations – either one the couple has been to or needs to go, opens the doors for creativity and a fun exploration later on.

Photo Album or Frame

Incorporating photos into your guest book is a fun way to add a visual component, while also elevating the personalization of each contribution. For the album option, you can leave a polaroid camera or have a photo booth nearby and ask each guest to take a photo and place it in the album with an accompanying note.

The frame alternative will likely feature an empty space for a picture of the bride and groom once the wedding photos are developed. In the meantime, guests can write personal messages around the frame, making for a beautiful and highly sentimental piece of art for the couple to enjoy following the celebrations.

Pre-stamped Envelopes

The days of epistolary romances are long gone, so encouraging your guests to take up the art of letter-writing for your special day can generate a lot of creativity and enjoyment. Prepare a station where guests can get their hands on pre-stamped envelopes addressed to the bride and groom. Then, their well-wishes will arrive once the happy couple has had some time to unwind from the busy preparations of the big day.

Items of Your Choice

If you and your future spouse have a particular passion for something – be it rowing, wine, gardening or golf – you can easily incorporate an item from your favourite activity and make it into a guestbook. Whether you choose a paddle, wine bottles and corks or a watering can, guests will love that you’ve gone outside-the-book to showcase a piece of your romance and welcome their thoughts into the future you’re authoring together.

Let us Help you Write Your Love Story

Whether you want to do everything by the book or you are aiming to create a truly unique experience for your guests, plan your wedding at Vintage Hotels. No matter which page you’re on, we will help bring your fairy-tale celebration to life.