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Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Nowadays, wedding guests hope for a lot more than just a fantastic looking venue. They want to be submerged in a unique love story that truly represents the newlyweds, and they definitely want to have a blast while celebrating the beginning of your life together.

In 2017 a few different themes emerged, and a lot of them focused on creating the best-possible experiences and memories for guests to take away from your wedding. Here are our predictions for the top wedding trends we will see in 2018:

Sweet Tables

If you want to incorporate desserts that can offer a bit more flexibility and creativity than a wedding cake, consider having a dessert table at your wedding. Sweet tables act as decorations themselves and are adaptable to any theme you can throw at their creators. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but their delicious bites are easy for guests to grab and enjoy while they keep dancing the night away.

Memory Tables

Weddings are an incredibly special occasion, unfortunately, sometimes the people we want there the most are no longer with us. Memory tables help to ease this pain by allowing brides and grooms to honour the loved ones who have been integral to their lives and love stories. From letters to photographs and special trinkets, memory tables are a beautiful ode to the people who need to be a part of your special day – no matter where they are.


Photo booths allow wedding guests to get silly. They typically come with fun decorations that people can adorn themselves with to add a bit of humour to what can otherwise be a very serious and romantic affair. Couples can customize the backgrounds or borders of the photo booth photos, so they are unique to their wedding vision. Plus, photo booth photos make the perfect wedding favour.

Live Entertainment

A DJ is a great way to encourage guests to dance the night away, but there is something so exciting about a live band. It creates a great atmosphere for your guests and makes them feel as though they are at a special and exclusive event. If you want the best of both worlds, consider having a live band for a portion of the evening (e.g. during the sit-down meal) and then introducing a DJ later when you want everyone up on their feet.

Drone Video Footage
wedding drone footage

A great way to capture every special moment of the big day is with the use of drone video footage. Drone photography has become popular for weddings in recent years – and with good reason. Couples spend a great deal of time picking out perfect and picturesque wedding venues and the stunning landscapes and locations can be captured on film to be remembered for years to come. Drone videography allows you to capture those hard to shoot, but stunning areal shots that you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve with traditional wedding photography and videography.

First Look Photos

First look photos are shaking up old traditions. Historically, brides and grooms would avoid seeing each other before the wedding ceremony in fear of bad luck. Today, couples are opting for creative and unique ways to capture their first interaction on the big day – before the ceremony has even begun. These photo’s capture the emotions of the bride and groom that would normally be missed. This new trend is also handy when it comes to planning the timeline of the day; couples can spend the morning taking these beautiful and intimate shots, leaving more time after the ceremony to interact with guests.

Late Ceremonies

Gone are the days of all-day wedding celebrations. Couples are opting to start the formal wedding ceremony later in the evening and jumping right into the reception. This gives the couple, the family and wedding party more time to take photo’s and get ready and have a stress-free wedding morning. This trend also makes it easy for guests, as they won’t have to occupy their time in between the ceremony and the reception – it’s an easy transition into the rest of the night.

Late Night Menu

A light night menu is a great way to add some personality to your wedding menu. It’s a fun way to share your favourite snacks with your guests. Late night menus are less formal than the main menu, are usually easy to eat or can be eaten with one hand. For a unique late-night menu, consider pad thai or even a sushi station from Niagara’s Finest Thai or Masaki.

Let Vintage Hotels Help Create the Perfect Day

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