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How to Tastefully Incorporate Glitter into Your Wedding

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Do you want your special day to sparkle, but feel intimated by trying to tastefully incorporate glitter into your wedding reception? Glitter is one of those decorative techniques that can transform a beautiful space into a truly spectacular sight, but you need to be careful not to turn your venue into a glittery mess.  

Adults are allowed (and even encouraged) to love glitter 

You want a wedding reception that is elegant and romantic – one that impresses upon your guests the level of care you’ve put into creating a great experience that is true to your love story. Subtle touches of glitter can help to bring attention to the little details that make your wedding reception unique. Here are some creative ways to incorporate glitter into your wedding, so your love isn’t the only thing lighting up the night. 

Table decorations 

The tables at your wedding reception are pretty much amazing empty canvases that you can transform with custom centrepieces, table runners and even plate settings and cutlery. If you want a larger splash of glitter, consider using a gold, rose gold or silver table runner. There are countless options that offer various splashes of glitter – from subtle sequins to large sparkling embellishments.

table decorations

Centrepieces for your glittery reception 

Centrepieces may be the most obvious way to incorporate glitter into your wedding, but they also offer the most creative platform for adding big and small splashes of sparkle. Use vases that glitter, gold dust your flower petals, sparkly candles or gold candelabras to make your centrepieces truly magical. The options are endless, and many of the options can easily be at home – at a low cost! 

Eat, drink and glitter 

If you really want to surprise guests with your interesting use of glitter, try incorporating it into your menu. Offer guests a specialty drink in a glittering glass or one that contains gold-flaked ice cubes. You can also use edible glitter dust on many food items, but may we suggest that dessert is likely the most sensible choice (as sparkling steak may be a bit lacklustre). 
All that glitters can be gold if you plan your wedding reception carefully. Remember, you’re supposed to be the centre of attention for the day, so don’t let overdone glitter steal the spotlight. Incorporate only a few glittery details and focus on doing them really well – rather than spreading the sparkling love too thin.  

If you want the perfect backdrop to your glittering affair, consider booking your wedding at one of our Vintage Hotels where the venue spaces are so beautiful, you won’t require a great deal of decor to take your guests’ breath away.