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‘Say Cheese’… to the Cake!

A Cheesy Alternative provides the PERFECT option for the non-traditional Wedding!

I have to say, there is nothing I love more than a big glass of wine accompanied by a great selection of cheeses.   If you then take that cheese and put it into the form of a cake my senses immediately start jumping around with excitement. Yum!  A whole cake made of Cheese?  Are you kidding me… this is FANTASTIC!

Meet Whitney from A Cheesy Alternative

“I grew up here in Niagara and have always been surrounded by great food, amazing wines and wonderful people. I have spent the last 10 years working in the wine industry both in Niagara-on-the-Lake and now on the western end of the peninsula in Beamsville.

Ultimately, I want to give couples getting married in Niagara an “out of the box” option to the traditional wedding cake.”


A little something about the cheese ‘cakes’… the idea behind the cheese ‘cakes’ is to offer something a bit different and fun for those looking to be a little unique on their big day! What we do at ACA  is work with each couple to find what sorts of cheese they like and what would suit them and their guests best. We also work with them to coordinate the cake decor and ensure that it matches perfectly with the rest of the day. We also offer  accompaniments (including handmade crostini, candied nuts and fresh, seasonal chutneys) to pair with the cheese’s once they have been cut and placed out for the late night buffet.

Here are a few pictures to make your mouth water!

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