Millcroft Inn & Spa

Meet Pauline Vossen,

Special Events Manager at Millcroft Inn & Spa

My greatest joy is to see potential brides and grooms fall in love with the Millcroft Inn just as I did when I first saw this romantic, historic gem tucked away in the Caledon hills, an easy 45 minutes’ drive from Toronto.

Looking at the cascading waterfall, I saw a world of potential for brides and grooms planning their perfect day with everlasting memories. I am very proud to be part of that memory and to turn that dream into reality at the Millcroft read more


The 6th of July – International Kissing Day!

(World Kissing Day)

“A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.”    – Ingrid Bergmen

Kiss is a tender moment, romance, love, desire and passion! A true love kiss unites two souls for a moment in time. The 6th of July is an International Day of Kisses. This day couples all across the globe “exchange their souls” through long kisses in public, join in the wonderful atmosphere of Kissing Day and show their true love to other people. This passionate holiday was found in the United Kingdom and over 20 years ago was officially approved by the United Nations Organization. All over the world there are held numerous concerts with lots of competitions. read more

‘Say Cheese’… to the Cake!

A Cheesy Alternative provides the PERFECT option for the non-traditional Wedding!

I have to say, there is nothing I love more than a big glass of wine accompanied by a great selection of cheeses.   If you then take that cheese and put it into the form of a cake my senses immediately start jumping around with excitement. Yum!  A whole cake made of Cheese?  Are you kidding me… this is FANTASTIC! read more