Wedding Cake Trends 2018

Our Favourite Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

If you choose to pull from one or more of the 2018 wedding cake trends, your special dessert can be as creative, elegant and original as you are! Your wedding cake is a great way to make a statement, without taking too big of a risk, so let’s see what sugar and icing can do!

Explore the following wedding cake trends and choose the design flairs that are best suited to your vision, so you can have a delicious centerpiece that says, “I do” in a way that’s true to you.

Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes can truly be pieces of art, and that is rarely truer than when it comes to hand-painted cakes. Turn your dessert into an easel and let your baker transform the sweet “palette” with carefully crafted décor that emulates your theme.

Whether the artist paints on flowers, patterns or scenes that speak to your romance, you’ll be amazed at how this confection will become a piece of art – rather than just a piece of cake!

hand painted wedding cake
Hand Painted Cakes by Sweet Celebrations

Metallic Wedding Cakes

More recently, metallic décor has constantly been featured within top bridal magazines. From table settings to wearable accessories, metallics help add sparkle and shine to your special event in a simple and elegant way.

Extend this fashionable trend to your wedding cake with silver, gold and rose gold to get the pop of colour and shimmer your dessert table demands.

metallic wedding cake
Metallic Cake courtesy of The Sweet Bash Co.

Succulent Cakes

Flowers are frequently a big part of planning for a wedding. But, have you considered incorporating their lesser-known, but equally striking, counterpart, the succulent? Succulents are becoming more and more popular for home décor, but now wedding experts are suggesting brides and grooms decorate their cakes with succulents – sweet ones and inedible plants alike.

Ask your baker to use fondant, sugar and icing to sculpt succulents that go directly on the cake. These edible decorations will add dimension, modernity and amazing geometry to your dessert. In addition to the tasty succulents on the cake, you can place these versatile plans around the base of the cake to extend their wow factor.

succulent wedding cake
A Beautiful succulent wedding cake courtesy of Sweet Celebrations

Naked Wedding Cakes

Nudity is not necessarily something you want to feature at your wedding, but this is a really neat way to show off what really matters about the cake – the flavour! Whether you choose a fun rainbow bit cake, or one filled with gorgeous fruits, a naked wedding cake is an eye-catching way to set yourself apart as a bride who recognizes the beauty of simplicity.

Geode Wedding Cakes

Geodes, crystals and amethysts are rockin’ right now in the world of weddings. This trend is a great way to add a subtle hint of natural sparkle to the big day. A geode wedding cake is a great way to tie in the theme and also makes for a stunning focal point at the reception. Rock candy, edible sparkles and metallic paints can be used to create delicious replicas of these popular sparkling stones.

geode wedding cake
Geode Cake by Sweet Celebrations

Make Your Wedding Wonderful – and Delicious!

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