How To Write Meaningful Wedding Vows

How to Write Meaningful Wedding Vows

There’s no specific recipe for crafting the perfect wedding vows, but there are steps you can take to make the writing process go more smoothly and enhance your ability to communicate how much you love your husband- or wife-to-be.

We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you write more meaningful wedding vows – without pulling your hair out. But, regardless of your process, it’s important to remain calm and focus on remaining true to your unique love story.

Collaborate with The Person Who Matters Most

Talking to your fiancé about your wedding vows may seem like an odd approach because you want them to be pleasantly surprised when they hear how much they mean to you. However, a conversation about your relationship, your wedding day and the ways you feel about one another can help spark creative ideas and ensure you’re both on the same page about what will be said on your special day.

Just keep the conversation general, so you can conceal your precise message and wow your partner at the wedding.

Take the Space and Time it Requires to Write Thoughtfully

If you’re not used to writing, getting started can be the most difficult part of the project. To boost your ability to write thoughtfully, find a quiet place and carve out a specific period of time to create your wedding vows. By making a date with yourself to get the vows moving forward, without distraction, you’ll help yourself get into the headspace to write more effectively.

Write Your Thoughts Out in A List

Don’t just dive into writing the whole speech. Take the time to think about what you’re going to say. Jot down specific memories and character traits you hold most dear in your relationship. Then, start to string them together with a narrative or theme that will transform your ideas into the lifetime commitments you’ll share with your future spouse, friends and family.

Don’t Procrastinate

Bad writing happens when stress meets tight timelines, so save yourself the heartache of a final hour writing session by setting dates, well in advance of your wedding, to brainstorm, draft and edit your vows. Make sure you leave enough of a buffer that you can walk away from what you wrote and review it with fresh eyes: you won’t believe the difference this will make to how you’re able to share your thoughts and feelings.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Messages

When you’re trying to make something sound perfect and you’re worried about what people will think about what you have to say, you may neglect the most simple and meaningful components of great wedding vows. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to say, “I love you,” and make promises to remain loyal, be patient and show compassion – no matter what life throws your way.

Take Inspiration from Romantic Experts

People have been falling in love – and writing about it – long before you began to struggle with penning your wedding vows. So, why not use their expressions to help bolster yours?

Watch your favourite romantic movies, review a few poems or short love stories and see how the authors you admire speak about their romantic interests. Tailor these sentiments to your romance, and you’ll start to resemble the Bard himself – before you even realize it!

Just Like Love, Writing your Wedding Vows Shouldn’t Be Complicated

While writing your vows, be kind to yourself and be patient. Your first draft may not wow you, but if you stick with it and stay true to yourself and your feelings for your fiancé, you will eventually create a narrative you’ll be proud to recite to the person you love more than anything else in the world.

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