friday wedding etiquette

Wedding Etiquette for Hosting a Friday or Sunday Wedding

When breaking with the tradition of a Saturday wedding to host your celebration on a Friday or Sunday, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure your guests have an absolutely amazing time. Below, we explore some of these unwritten rules that will keep everyone happy and reduce any additional stress for the bride and groom-to-be.

Etiquette for a Friday Affair

The Sooner They Know, The Easier It Will Be

Set the date well in advance and send out save-the-dates, so guests have plenty of time to make travel plans and work arrangements to accommodate a Friday wedding. When you mail the cards, highlight that the event is taking place of a Friday, so guests understand their attendance may require some juggling.

Time Is of The Essence

If you want to host a Friday wedding, it shows consideration of your guest’s schedules if you opt for an evening celebration. That way, guests have more leeway to travel to your venue and relax while getting ready, without having to take even more time out of their work day.

Try to Be Understanding If Attendance Suffers

This is especially true when it comes to the ceremony. Unfortunately, some of your guests just may not be able to make it in time to watch you say, “I do.” Whether they’ve just started a new job, their kids can’t get out of school or any of the other number of reasons that may create a barrier to being there, some guests just won’t be able to make it for the entire celebration.

But, if you’re willing to host guests at the reception, even if they can’t catch the ceremony, you’ll have more of the people you love to share in these special memories with.

Etiquette for a Sunday Soiree

A Sunday wedding is much different than hosting on a Friday or Saturday night. Sunday weddings are usually more relaxed, but still can be very charming and elegant – when planned properly.

The Earlier, The Better

When you host your wedding in the early afternoon, you give guests enough time following the ceremony and reception to get home and prepare for the work week. That way, they won’t need to book a vacation day in honour of your nuptials.

Some People Just Can’t on a Sunday

Like the Friday affair, unfortunately, some people will not be able to swing a Sunday wedding – especially if it’s later in the evening and requires they take time off to attend. Even those who make it may not linger around too long. Don’t take this personally, and just focus on enjoying your unique vision for the day.

Consider A Long-Weekend Wedding

Consider hosting a Sunday wedding on a long-weekend and give your guests the time to relax and recuperate from wedding festivities on the holiday Monday. Hosting your wedding on the Sunday of a long-weekend will also allow you, your family and wedding party a little extra time of Saturday to prepare for the big day!

Churches May Be Harder to Capture

Traditionally, church services take place on Sunday mornings. So, if you want to say “I do” in a chapel, make sure you plan accordingly and well in advance to eliminate the upsetting surprise of relocating your vows.

Whichever Day You Choose, Choose Vintage Hotels

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