Wedding Playlists

Curating the Perfect Wedding Playlist

Art is how you decorate space. Music is how you decorate time.

With so much focus on the visual aspects of your wedding, it’s unsurprising that what you don’t see is so often left to chance. The music that colors the reception is what makes the celebration truly memorable. Whether you’re aiming for a wild night full of modern hits or a classy affair with strings, follow these rules to build the perfect playlist for your special day.

Write Down Everything

To kick things off, write down every single song you think you might want to hear on your big day. It doesn’t matter what it is. The goal here is to take an idea and give it a general shape. You might even begin to see an emerging pattern.

Match the Music to the Theme

Now that you have a rough idea of what music you want to fill the air, it’s time to decide on a theme. If your ideal wedding is nothing short of elegance and class, it’s safe to assume throwing in heavy metal will only detract from the overall feel. That being said, it wouldn’t be unheard of to find a string cover of said song that could be added to the set.

Crafting a Story

All great DJs know how to build the beat to get the crowd excited and then give them time to prepare for the next round. Ideally you’ll want five fast songs to every one slow song. This gives your guests 20-30 minutes of dance time followed by about three minutes of rest. The predictability of this pattern, whether guests realize it or not, allows them to aurally know when it’s safe to walk away without fear of missing an important event.

Though people say it’s the food or the flowers that really colour a reception, few realize the importance of the music that both welcomes them and carries them through the night’s events. Spend time crafting this beautiful aspect of your big day so that when it comes time to truly rejoice with those most special in your life, you’ll do so with music that only makes your memories that more magical.

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