Copper Wedding Décor Ideas 

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A colour palette that includes copper is one of the hottest trends in wedding décor. With so many colours & themes, it’s easy for brides to get overwhelmed with all the décor options they can choose from. But, it’s important to make sure you know which trends may work well for your special day and how to incorporate them in a way that wows your guests and aligns with your vision. 

Copper Adds Brilliance While Breaking Away from Gold or Silver 

Copper is a beautiful, shiny metallic hue that can add a splash of almost-blush to your wedding décor. And, for brides who aren’t in love with the more traditional metallic options of gold and silver, this may be the perfect accent to choose. 

Copper Centrepieces 

The best thing about copper may be that it’s already a popular choice for candle holders, vases and other ornaments that can adorn the tables at your wedding. Copper will beautifully complement your floral arrangements and add sparkle to your centrepieces. The combination of metallic and natural accents will create an innovative, but classic feel all at once. 

Copper Fixtures and Decorations 

You can use a copper cake stand, cake cutter or serving trays to add pops of colour and shine to your banquet tables. Or, you can incorporate copper into DIY wedding décor projects such as Mr & Mrs signs, guestbooks and name settings. You can find a wide variety of premade copper wedding decorations online or at various wedding planning stores – or you can easily upgrade your current decorations with copper leaf embellishments. 

Copper Dining Sets 

If you are striving for an opulent wedding reception, you may want to consider incorporating copper utensils, plates and drinkware into your plans. This is a clever way of integrating the metal into your scheme while also checking these essential items off your to-do list.  

Copper Outfit Accents 

Both you and your partner can wear copper items that will add a touch of dazzle to your attire. Brides can wear copper hair pieces – from gorgeous complex crowns to more subtle hairpieces designed in ornate shapes. Grooms can boast a copper tie clip, cuff links and use the metallic accent to amp-up their groomsmen’s boutonnieres.  

Think Outside the Box and Get the Wedding You Want (and Deserve) 

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