Canadian Wedding Traditions

Classic Canadian Wedding Traditions and Their Origins

If you’re a couple who wants to honour some long-standing customs, we’ve explored classic Canadian wedding traditions, where they originated from, and what they can mean for the bride, groom and their wedding guests. Your wedding is your oyster when it comes to deciding how traditional or modern you want your event to be – what’s most important is being true to your story.

The Wedding Wheel or Shoe Dance

One wedding tradition that’s always been difficult for couples to escape is the fact that hosting a beautiful ceremony and reception can be costly. So, somewhere along the way, a wise person created some very fun traditions to help relieve the bride and groom’s financial burden.

There are many variations of these traditions, but two of note are the wedding wheel and shoe dance. The first option includes wedding guests lining up to dance with the bride or groom and paying a dollar (or more!) to do so. The alternative is when the bride (and her bridal party, if she is shy) dances around the room with her shoes or a satin satchel and wedding guests fill it with money.

Wedding Bands

You may be getting hitched in Niagara-on-the-Lake, but this wedding tradition stems from all the way back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians chose to wear their wedding bands on the third finger of the left hand because they believed this finger had a direct connection to the heart (aw!).

The circular nature of the band is also regarded as a symbol of a never-ending union and, therefore, perfectly embodies the romantic promises you and your loved one will make on your special day.

Wedding Bands Canadian Wedding Traditions

Bouquet Toss

We’ve all seen bouquet tosses become a little more Hunger Games than happy romantic tradition, and the origin story of this activity speaks directly to this mayhem. Originally, single women at weddings used to rip pieces of the bride’s dress off for good luck. So, savvy brides who wanted to avoid the decimation of their gowns started throwing flowers from their bouquets to the ladies.

White Wedding Dresses

We’re all familiar with the history behind this tradition: in the Victorian Era, women wore white as a declaration of their purity. However, did you know long before that royal brides almost always opted for extraordinarily vibrant-coloured dresses? It was actually the common folk who chose neutral colours, so they could wear them again when attending church. Today, many Canadian brides opt for this classic and traditional colour for their wedding dress.

White Wedding Dress Canadian Wedding Traditions

To Tradition or Not to Tradition? It’s Totally Up to You.

We’ve provided the fun backstories of a few familiar wedding traditions, but it’s your choice how many customary activities you want to include in your celebration. When you book your Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding with Vintage Hotels, we can help you implement your vision in any one of our upscale wedding venues. So, contact us today and let’s start the tradition of making your wedding the best night of your life.