Reception Entrance Song

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Reception Entrance Song

As your wedding day in Niagara on the Lake approaches, your mind may shift to the smaller details of wedding planning. The song that is played during your grand entrance into the reception area may seem like a minor detail, but it can have a major impact on the event. With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can choose a fabulous song for your big entrance as a married couple.

    • Consider the Ambiance of Your Reception

Each reception has a unique ambiance, mood or theme. Will your wedding be casual, romantic, dramatic or fun? The song that you play when you enter the room for the first time as a married couple will set the tone of your reception, so it should be suitable for the event you have planned. Consider, for example, the difference in mood between Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and Kanye West’s “Good Life.”

    • Think About Your Entrance Plans

When you make your big entrance into your wedding reception, all eyes will be on the two of you. Many couples love to make the most of this experience, and they may dance their way into the room or make another type of dramatic entrance. The song should correspond well to your entrance plans. For example, if you plan to dance into the room, choose a song with an upbeat tempo that you can groove to.

    • Focus on the Song’s Length

With most receptions, the song will need to play for a short time before the couple enters. The couple may take a minute or two to dance or otherwise make their way into the room. Some will greet guests with hugs and handshakes as they pass through the space. The song that you choose should be long enough for these activities. You may even choose two songs to be played back to back.

    • Consider the Timing of your First Dance

Right after your Grand Entrance, all eyes will be on your and your partner. Many couples choose to transition straight from their entrance right into their first dance as a married couple. After your dance, consider inviting your guests to join you on the dance floor for a few lively songs before the food is served. This will get the party off to a fun start and put everyone in a great mood as they sit down for their meal.

Your DJ can also provide you with some great recommendations about which songs to play for your grand entrance. Focus on these small, yet important details of your event a month or so before the big day arrives, and you will be sure to have a successful wedding.