Father Daughter Dance

How to Choose the Perfect Father-Daughter Dance Song

After saying, “I do” share the perfect dance with dad. 

Weddings are an emotional experience for everyone involved – especially the families of the bride and groom. One of the quintessential moments of the wedding reception is the father/daughter dance because it marks a new beginning in a bride’s life and combines the very bittersweet emotions of transiting from daughter to wife.  

Music is a powerful way to portray emotions, and there are few bonds with more depth than that between a father and daughter. For some, the choice of song for the father/daughter dance comes easily, but it can often be difficult to find the perfect tune to articulate all that has been shared between a bride and her dad.  

Reflect on your memories of Dad 

When trying to pick a song for this special moment, it’s important to consider what both the bride and her father hope to portray with their song choice. Think back on some of the most pivotal moments you two have shared, and see if there is a particular song you associate with those occasions. If a few songs come to mind, write down a list that you can begin to narrow down after further consideration. At first, nothing may seem to pop out at you, but if you record these memorable moments and some of the emotions you associate with them, you may become more able to think of a song that will help your guests understand your message. 

Consider your Wedding theme 

Your song choice may also be influenced by the theme of your wedding and your wedding venue. If you are having a casual affair, a lighter melody may be better suited to the moment. But, if you are hosting a more sophisticated wedding, then it may be best to pick a slower, emotive piece. The pair may also want to think about what style of dance they are most comfortable with, as the type of song you choose will affect which steps are most suitable.  

It may take some time to discover which lyrics show the love, care and support your parent has provided over the years. If you are struggling to do so, try searching for different songs based on the sentiments you want to convey. You may be surprised with what you come up with, and a general search will provide plenty of hints to help you along the way. Regardless of the choice of song, what’s most important is that dad and daughter feel comfortable sharing their special moment with their loved ones in a way that is truly unique to them.  

Don’t forget the tissues, and enjoy your father daughter dance as much as you can because, before you know it, you two will be entering a new chapter in your lives.