Creating the Perfect Welcome Kit for Your Out of Town Wedding Guests

Having the people that you love surround you on your wedding day is what makes it so special, so be sure to properly welcome your out-of-town guests with the perfect welcome kit. Upon their arrival to Niagara-on-the-Lake, make sure your wedding guests have a charming basket of goodies that will encourage them to explore, taste and experience all that the region has to offer. read more

LeeAnne and Joseph are MARRIED!

Savanna – thank you for going above and beyond to make our wedding day so perfect. You were a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process. I appreciated your timely response to all my questions and your willingness/flexibility to do what would make us happy. September 24th was perfect (and I’m not just talking about the weather). With your guidance, the Upper Canada Ballroom was transformed into the most beautiful reception area – I absolutely loved everything about the set-up. Once our guests arrived, the service was excellent. The food quality and presentation exceeded expectations and no one went long without a full drink in their hands. Overall, it really was the most perfect day and one I’ll remember forever. I will recommend the Pillar and Post to my friends and family (and colleagues for work functions), and some of the other vendors we chose…specifically Frank Krahan who was amazing on piano, Joel Hannigan, our wonderful photographer, and Simply Beautiful Decor.

From Joel Hannigan:

LeeAnne and Joseph: smiles all around

I had yet to actually cry at a wedding (honestly…not trying to be a tough guy) but there was a time during LeeAnne and Joseph’s day that I was wiping away some tears. Mind you they were me from laughing historically during a reception speech. But still their day brought me to tears! read more

Wedding Video: Yes or No?

Are wedding videos worth it?

With so many other things to prioritize why drop thousands of dollars on 20 minutes of footage that maybe you’ll drag out at the random anniversary.

It’s a good argument… HOWEVER; I adore Wedding Videos!  I absoltuely LOVE THEM …. the sounds and sights and emotions that come pouring out when I watch them have me jumping up and down saying YES WEDDING VIDEOS… YES!!! read more