Top 10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2019

Just like great fashion, weddings are influenced by preferences that ebb and flow with time, so we’ve created a list of the 2019 wedding trends you may want to incorporate into your special day.

Even the most classic bride may be looking for some modern influences to add elements of surprise and flare to her wedding day. So, consider how some of the following trends may elevate your ceremony and celebration, then allow our expert planning team at Vintage Hotels to help implement every detail to create a truly spectacular event. read more

Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas

Lighting can often be overlooked as an essential decorative fixture on your wedding day, but these unique wedding lighting ideas will help set the mood for your vows and reception. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or indoor winter wonderland affair, there are plenty of lighting options that can completely transform elements of your wedding and elevate the elegance of your special day’s overall look and feel. read more

Adding Greenery to Your Wedding Décor

Greenery as wedding décor is a hot trend that’s not going away anytime soon. If your wedding day vision includes lush greenery, we’ve got you covered. Here are several unique ideas to help you transform your venue with green wedding décor. You may have a green thumb you want to pay homage to during your ceremony and reception, and there are plenty of ways to add splashes of green in elegant and impactful ways. read more