Wedding Boutonniere Trends for 2017 – How to Choose the Best Style for your Wedding Party

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Traditionally used as a ward against evil spirits, the boutonniere has since become a staple of our most special occasions. From proms to weddings, they are special symbols tying together not only your love and you but also those you care for most in your life. Celebrate their presence by making sure they are adorned with 2017’s best. read more

Curating the Perfect Wedding Playlist

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Art is how you decorate space. Music is how you decorate time.

With so much focus on the visual aspects of your wedding, it’s unsurprising that what you don’t see is so often left to chance. The music that colors the reception is what makes the celebration truly memorable. Whether you’re aiming for a wild night full of modern hits or a classy affair with strings, follow these rules to build the perfect playlist for your special day. read more