Greenery Wedding Decor

Adding Greenery to Your Wedding Décor

Greenery as wedding décor is a hot trend that’s not going away anytime soon. If your wedding day vision includes lush greenery, we’ve got you covered. Here are several unique ideas to help you transform your venue with green wedding décor. You may have a green thumb you want to pay homage to during your ceremony and reception, and there are plenty of ways to add splashes of green in elegant and impactful ways.

A Greenery-Covered Backdrop at Prince-of-Wales
A Greenery-Covered Backdrop at Prince-of-Wales

Help Guests Feel Welcome with Greenery

From the moment your guests arrive, you want them to know they’re an integral part of your special day. You also may want to give them a sneak preview of the theme or “vibe” of your gorgeously green wedding. A great way to achieve both of these ends is to decorate your welcome sign with a fulsome green garland or more subtle sprigs and leafy arrangements.

green wedding decor
Signage by Simply Beautiful Décor, Photo by Philosophy Studios courtesy of Elegant Wedding Magazine
A Greenery-Filled Wedding Backdrop at Prince of Wales
A Greenery-Filled Backdrop at Prince of Wales

Be Our “Greenery” Guest

Another way to elevate the signage at your wedding is to highlight who is sitting where with a seating chart that incorporates greenery. Frame the entire seating chart with leafy greens and floral arrangements with smaller blossoms and buds, so the green continues to take centre stage.

Continue your ode to greenery with place cards that feature myrtle and delicate branches of ivy or tree ferns, which offer thin, wispy pops of that beautiful green you’re after.

Go Bold, Go Green

To incorporate greenery into your wedding in more obvious and central ways, consider a greenery-filled table runner, leafy-licious centrepieces or a wall composed of robust green foliage. All these options will keep green at the top of your guests’ minds, and the last option creates a truly stunning backdrop for photos.

Greenery Wedding Table Runner
Greenery Table Runner from Clippings in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Let Us Colour You Green on Your Special Day

Book your Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding with Vintage Hotels, and trust that no matter what colours, accents or themes you want to incorporate into your vision, we will support you to do so with refinement (and while getting to remain relaxed!) Host your wedding indoors or outdoors at any one of our hotels and prepare for the perfect celebration.

*Feature Image courtesy of Clippings in Niagara-on-the-Lake