Dessert tables for niagara-on-the-lake weddings

Wedding Catering Trends of 2016

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If you’ve started planning your Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding, you’ve probably given some consideration to what types of food you’ll serve. Whether you’ve weighed the pros and cons of passed vs. displayed hors d’oeuvres or decided whether your meal will be served via chef stations or servers, food is one of the most important aspects of your wedding.

Although a lot of people initially want to shy away from trends, we think the following trends all offer some very unique and delicious ideas that could easily be incorporated into any wedding for a personal touch.

Local Foods
By and far the top wedding catering trend of the past couple years has been a focus on local, organic foods. We don’t see this “trend” letting up anytime soon – brides and grooms love sourcing local food from around their wedding venue for a unique touch. Choosing seasonal and local foods also has another great benefit – they often taste better! Luckily, Niagara on the Lake is home to some amazing culinary experiences, not to mention the unforgettable selection of Niagara wines.

Miniature Pairing Ideas
One recent catering trend is scaled-down versions of favourite foods paired with complimentary drinks. Some of the best versions we’ve seen have been mini tacos with margaritas, bite sized sliders with shot glasses of pilsner and mini grilled cheese sandwiches with Caesars. If you don’t want to do a paired option, you can just shrink your favourite foods and let guests customize them. This can be done with nearly any food you love, including ramen, mashed potatoes, soups and more!

Mini Foods for a wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Custom Cocktail Stations
We’ve already given tips on how to create the perfect signature cocktail for your wedding but one trend that is emerging is to create an entire station devoted to your cocktail of choice. This station can tie in nicely with your wedding theme and incorporate your colours too. Add banners, fresh flowers and personalized decanters to really give your spirit station a personal touch.

Custom cocktail station for weddings
Photo by Theo Milo Photography

Dessert Tables
Many brides and grooms are moving away from traditional cakes and either opting for a contemporary version (like naked cakes or cupcakes) or getting rid of it altogether. Many couples prefer the idea of a dessert table with all of their favourite sweets or even to have a wall of hanging donuts instead.

Naked Wedding Cakes for your Niagara on the Lake wedding

Interactive Chefs
Chef stations where guests can watch chefs actually prepare the food are becoming increasingly popular. This hands-on option is really fun and super interesting to watch too. We have seen stations where chefs do everything from rolling sushi, shucking oysters, muddling guacamole ingredients and even making fresh pasta. Ask your caterer or venue what options are available to you and go from there.

Interaction chef stations for weddings in Niagara
Photo by Michael & Anna Costa Photography

Fancy Comfort Food
The comfort food trend has been around for awhile but adding a luxe presentation is something new. We like the idea of monogrammed paper for French fries or shot glasses filled with ketchup and fries on top!

Fancy Comfort Foods at weddings in Niagara

What is your favourite wedding catering trend of 2016? If you saw something completely unforgettable at a wedding this year or have something special planned for your own, please share it with us in the comments or over on our Facebook page!