Summer Wedding Flower Trends 2017

Summer Wedding Flower Trends 2017

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Brides love the gorgeous setting of Niagara on the Lake for their weddings, and Vintage Hotels is a lovely backdrop for their special day. Flowers also help to set the mood, and different flowers can help to create the perfect romantic or relaxed atmosphere for your dream wedding. As summer approaches, there are several flower trends to enhance your summer wedding. Vintage Hotels’ on-site florist, Clippings Floral Designs, has several great suggestions to add beauty to your dream wedding floral arrangements.

Wedding RosesClassic Summer Wedding Flowers

While many blooms are at their peak of loveliness and availability in the summer, there are several flowers that really shine. For your summer wedding at Vintage Hotels, consider the classic roses and baby’s breath. Roses have a natural association with romance, and their beautiful fragrance can fill any room. Baby’s breath has a cloud-like appearance, and it sets off roses or other blooms in a dreamy way.

To remind your guests of the summer sunshine, sunflowers and daisies are at the top of the list. These sunny, yellow flowers warm up any space and create a fun, relaxing flourish for your special day. Sunflowers add a rustic charm to any wedding, and daisies are a sweet symbol of purity and innocence. Both flowers are usually quite sturdy and are still shining at the end of a long day of festivities and wedding photos.

Peonies and wild roses will grace the scene with a vintage look. These blooms have a soft look with relaxed edges that add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any event. They typically come in hues of soft pink that complement any blushing bride on her special day. Round out your peonies and roses with lush summertime greens for a classic romantic look.

Orange FlowersA Unique Summer Twist

Consider adding a touch of orange for an exquisite, unexpected twist this summer. No need to confine orange to autumn weddings only, for a pop of peach can remind your guests of orange sherbet and other summertime treats. A cascading range of hues of cream, peach, and orange roses can create a lovely effect. Daisies and baby’s breath often complement this look to perfection.

Your Wedding Day, Your Way

For your dream wedding at Niagara on the Lake, Vintage Hotels and Clippings Floral Designs want you to have a perfect day. The right flowers will accentuate all your other design choices and provide luxurious, beautiful accents to your theme. They will enhance your summer wedding and bring more beauty into every moment.

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