Rustic Boho Wedding at Vintage Hotels

How to Plan the Perfect Rustic Boho Chic Wedding

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Bohemian, or Boho for short, is an eclectic style quickly becoming the most sought after wedding theme. A combination of nomad, gypsy and hippie lifestyle, it is a rustic amalgamation of beauty and dramatic flair. Yet even with such a diverse array of possibilities, there are a few guide posts to help you create a wedding that falls under such a wide yet narrow definition. At Vintage Hotels, we have the perfect venue, no matter the theme. Here are rules we follow to make the most out of every rustic boho chic wedding we host.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to rustic weddings, your location is the most important aspect, since what surrounds you and your guests will ultimately determine the atmosphere. Go too fancy or too formal and a boho feeling of being close to nature immediately evaporates. In terms of venues, look for places that have old architecture, preferably designs that use a lot of wooden planks. If it’s outside, areas with lots of trees are perfect. Vintage Hotels have two properties that match this image perfectly—Pillar and Post as well as Millcroft Inn & Spa. Both provide the ideal rustic setting matched with breathtaking beauty that encapsulates the boho style and feel perfectly.

Dress Simply for a Boho WeddingGo Local

A major point of the boho wedding is that everything is sourced from local vendors. It is an idea that truly believes in the importance of supporting small business and the local community rather than large, global corporations. While this might mean foregoing a few types of foods, it’s an important choice that really makes your wedding one-of-a-kind. The chefs at Vintage Hotels take pride in using locally-sources ingredients and can design a locally-sources meal that will be sure to impress the most discerning bohemian guests.

Dress Simply

Boho wedding dresses are the main stylistic way to truly capture a more rustic feeling and appearance. They mimic the long, flowing gowns of the hippie movement more so than the puffy princess gowns of the current generation. The idea here is that less is more. Instead of using unnecessary fabric to have a large skirt, the dress remains simple. As for the groom, highlight any of his quirks, from a bow tie to a vest. The boho wedding embraces artistic expression by foregoing emphasis on extreme formality.

Flower Power

The true beauty of the boho chic wedding lies in its complete freedom regarding the flora. If you want to use ivy, use it. Not a fan of flowers for color? Use multi-colored wheat. Boho weddings truly flourish when you bring in as much as you can, especially in regards to color. Nothing says rustic more than a wedding that is more attuned to nature than it is to anything else.

If you’re ready to begin planning your perfect boho chic wedding, Vintage Hotels offers breathtaking venues and award-winning cuisine that encapsulate everything you could dream of for your wedding. Rustic, classic and altogether marvelous, we know exactly what it takes to make all your dreams come true.